Monday, January 2, 2012

Smash it!

Happy New Year

SMASH books from K&Company or EK Success are the new craze. Not yet here in Australia to my knowledge but not to worry, like many other scrappers I am attempting to make my very own :)

Firstly, I took a heap of papers (I have way too many and this is a great way to use some up!) and cut them to the desired size. My book is 8 1/2in x 6 in. You can make your book any size really!

Next I used my new bind it all and punched

I add some pocket pages for memorabilia etc

and also cut some pages smaller and odd size just to add a little fun to my Smash book.

and that's it!  Now I need to go decorate my cover and start 'smashing' lol but first I have to go make one for my DD, she wants her own 'smash' book to do over the school holidays!

These handy little books are the perfect way to keep track of all your great ideas, doodles, trinkets and bits & bobs. Being 'old school' scrapbooking, you can jot notes in them, glue photographs, cards from friends, pictures from kids, your own doodles, newspaper clippings, movie ticket stubs - really any type of memorabilia you can think of will fit in one. They are supposed to be slapped (smashed) together, unlike many current scrapbooking techniques that require hours and hours to put together just one layout.

SMASHing is also a great way to use up all your odd bits of scrapping supplies, like those unused alphas, chippies or tags. I have also kept the off cuts to make tags or to use when decorating the inside pages. So pleased that I used up quite a lot of my paper 'stash' :)

Thanks for dropping by, hope you are having a terrific start to 2012, I know I am!



  1. LOL I think I need a bind it all :) this looks awesome and is that Donna Salzar papers I see ??? looks great anyway :)

  2. Great idea! I made my own also!!!

  3. Almost a year ago I bought a binding machine and I still havent used it. lol I know that is terrible, right! Awesome Idea and a good reason to try out my not so new machine. lol thanks~!

  4. I started on ebut with thsoe books we b rought LAST year to do this with LOL

  5. Looks so fun! Happy crafting in 2012!!

  6. Now I need a binding machine!! LOL I bet in the long run it would be more cost effective than buying all the Smash stuff. Love your book!

  7. Thank you all for your kind words, I love my 'smash' and will post inner pages soon. They really are great fun! Xx

  8. I have seen these, very expensive for what they are BUT love your alternative book, Fantastic idea and your book looks awesome

  9. Indeed, the Smash Books are the rage in the U.S. My daughter Michelle (34) bought one for my stepdaughter (15) for Christmas. Michelle loved it so much that she bought herself one. I saw them, and, at 68, bought one for myself. Quite addicting! All three of us are scrappers, yet love the Smash Books! What a great idea to make your own! Thanks for sharing yet another great idea, Sue!!