Monday, March 10, 2014

More Christmas Ornaments

Handmade ornaments are so easy and add a really nice touch to your Christmas Tree or many other occassions. These paper ornaments are so quick and easy you could even get the kids to help your or make their own. Again a great creative way to use up your scraps, I used the scrapbook paper leftovers from my previous ornament!

Paper Christmas Ornaments

You will need scrapbooking paper in Christmas theme, brads, tiny hole punch and a ruler.

Cut your paper into strips of 1/2in width (length can vary on the size you would like - mine are in 4in and 5in lengths)

Using a tiny hole punch, punch holes in both ends of your strips of paper and place your brad.

This next bit can be a bit tricky but trust me it does work out :)
Starting with the bottom strip twist it out to begin forming your 'ball'. Then continue twisting each individual strip from the bottom until you are happy with the look and you are done!

Aren't they just cute?

Alternatively you can use ribbon but this is a lot more fiddly and time consuming but well worth it. Tie a know in the end of your ribbon then thread through your punched hole. Then with the first strip start threading on continuously pushing down the ribbon to form a semi circle fanning out as you go along. I love them!

If you don't want to hang them on your tree they will look awesome arranged in a ball as a table centre piece! or maybe string them together to create a garland. Play and create :)


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