Monday, March 10, 2014

Recycled Tree

We all have loads of scrapbooking magazines stashed away somewhere, ever wondered what you could do with them! Recycle - reuse comes to mind. These fun book trees are so much fun to make and you can involve the kids. It's actually where I got the idea from. I remember my kids doing it when in primary school a few years back.

The size of the finished tree will depend on the size of your magazine and number of pages. You may have to join two magazines together if you like the folded edges close together when fanned out.

First step is to open the cover (this will be discarded later) and take the first page and fold it diagonally to the centre as shown above.

Next fold again towards the centre onto itself a second time as shown above.

The pointed bit at the bottom now needs to be folded up and this fold forms the base of each page. Making sure you score each fold to help avoid it unfolding.

Now you have the hang of it, turn the page and start over and continue until all pages resemble the first. Once done, gently remove the cover and fan out to form your tree.

Top with a 5 pointed Origami Star using scrapbooking paper. As long as you start with a square you can make any size you wish. Lots of you-tube videos and instructions for these on the web. These also make great ornaments hung from your Christmas Tree :)

Now if you wish to go one step further you could paint, ink or embellish your tree with buttons or sequins. Add some sparkle with distress stickles or kindyglitz.

Add some curling ribbon in Christmas or desired colours and your done!

Discarded paper novels look great made into trees too!

Hope you like this alternative recycled Christmas Tree. I think its cute :)

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas. Our tree is up, our lights are up and we look like the Gingerbread house. Love it! Enjoy the festive season, it's a wonderful time of year xx


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