Friday, February 11, 2011


Well they are not new... they have been around for years BUT not in the scrapbooking sense. One of my all time favourite scrappers is showcased in the very first edition, so its a must that you go check out Irene Tan's blog. Irene even offers a bonus preview, just follow her prompts. Well worth the look! Scrapperlicious is jam packed with inspiring projects and fantastic tutorials and lots and lots of gorgeous EYE CANDY!! Irene's blog is on my regular visit list :) and I am sure it's on your too.

scrapideas ebook cover 498x336

Scrap Ideas has produced an Ebook of seven sought after scrapbookers from around the world showing their techniques and projects and they are offering it at a special price!

scrapideas banner 200x400

Have a great weekend everyone, I hope to scrap!


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