Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Folded flower

While surfing the net I often come across links, vidz or tutorials I save to my favourites to come back to later. There is so much out there and easy to get soaked up in it all. One of my fav sites is Simply Paper, Vicky has great flower tutorials down the side of her blog and below is one of the flowers I made using her Folded Flower tutorial. Very simple to follow instructions with photos. I find these type of tutorials better than the video ones, just my opinion, as I usually have to replay the vidz or constantly pause them while I figure it out :) There is also a 9 petal fold I want to try as well. Why not give them a go.

Its such a simple flower but very pretty, don't you think.

It also lays quite flat so very good for layouts that go into albums.

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  1. You did a great job, turned out so pretty.....~Cherrie~

  2. Very pretty! This looks like fun to try!

  3. I made these flowers also from the same blog instructions. Love them...so easy and I like that they lay flat. I blogged mine also.

  4. I love the flower,great job,i just happened onto your blog,looks great