Monday, January 31, 2011

Lesson learned...

Why not to leave an unfinished layout on your scrapping desk! I have a habit of not finishing layouts (don't we all!) and they can sit on my desk for any length of time, usually days or weeks! I had been working on this layout last week and as the kids are on school holidays still I only get short lengths of time to play with my scrapping. Doesn't help that my laptop is also sitting on said desk and Facebook calls to me lol! Didn't think much of it and when able I'd sneak in and attempt to finish it, well finally I did and noticed that the photo had smudge marks and what look like tiny water droplets, argh!! :( So lucky I had reprinted a heap of photos at Harvey Norman recently as the quality is so much better. Phew a lucky break! So in future I will try and finish the project I am working on or at least cover it until I can get back to it.
While picnicing at a park over the holidays I suggested we do a photo shoot! Response was a firm NO! I took my camera anyway and tried to bribe them, still wasn't happening. Anyway my eldest son took the camera and start mucking about taking photos of the other three playing on playground equipment and captured some very good shots! This is one he took of Alyssa, who I can't believe is almost four. Where has the time gone!

Trying to use up all my older papers!
Used Kaiser Lilac Avenue Collection. Cut out flowers from Wisteria and bling'd them.
Used Dusty Attic clock and collections arrow.

Handmade Daisy flowers cut from the Cricut.

Recycle reuse!
The green raffia was the wrapping from a present!

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to look. I hope to be able to finish off more layouts over the next few days when the kids are back at school :)



  1. Love the layout! Actually, I think photos of kids playing are better than a posed photo shoot. Catch them in their natural state. You can look back at it later & it will mean so much more to you (as a mother of a 20-year-old, I look back at a lot of those old pictures, so I know).
    As far as unfinished layouts, what I do is put all my supplies I'm using on that layout in a page protector until I can come back to it.

  2. Nice colors. Looks like there was some fun going on. Wonderful photo your son snapped, and a beautiful layout you made for it.......~Cherrie~

  3. Such a stunning layout. Love the purple and green together. Awesome flowers.